This Week in D October 18, 2015

Welcome to This Week in D! Each week, we'll summarize what's been going on in the D community and write brief advice columns to help you get the most out of the D Programming Language.

The D Programming Language is a general purpose programming language that offers modern convenience, modeling power, and native efficiency with a familiar C-style syntax.

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Major Developments

The D Language Foundation is now incorporated which is a legal entity to drove D development, taking donations and eventually, paying people to work on D!

This happened last month, but I forgot to announce it! Iain Buclaw was officially appointed as D language maintainer for gdb.

The Windows enhancements discussed a few weeks ago got merged! optlink.exe is the new name for link.exe to avoid name conflicts on 64 bit, and Windows headers from the win32 bindings project are now in druntime! This is going to be huge when it reaches the public release.

There was a conference in Romania where Walter and Andrei spoke. Vladimir Panteleev summarized the conference here. The talks were also discussed on the most popular morning show in Romania!

In the community

Community announcements

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Notable Forum Threads

Synchronized classes have no public members discusses implementing a rule from the D Programming Language book as part of a drive to fix rough edges in the language spec and implementation.

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