This Week in D March 1, 2015

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The D Programming Language is a general purpose programming language that offers modern convenience, modeling power, and native efficiency with a familiar C-style syntax.

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Major Changes

DIP74 was written and discussed. It looks probable that some variant on it will be implemented. DIP 74 proposes a reference counted class hierarchy. By implementing specially named methods in a class or interface, the compiler will consider objects of that type to be automatically reference counted.

These reference counted objects can not be implicitly converted to GC object types, meaning they will form, in effect, a parallel class hierarchy wherein the type system will help catch inappropriately escaping references. Coupled with DIP25, implemented last week, it should make sealed references possible with safe, deterministic freeing.

Discussion on the forum this week was dominated by this proposal, with people searching for holes in it and proposing optimizations to it. One such optimization was to elide reference increment and decrement in functions where the reference cannot escape, however this was shown to be easier said than proven. The thread is still ongoing at this time.

A likely candidate for refcounting in the standard library will be the Throwable or Exception classes.

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