Programs I've written

  1. Utilities
  2. Libraries
  3. Games
  4. Web
  5. Others
  6. Patches


My utility projects
Name Status Description
dmkmake Done A simple, makefile generator for D programs
X11 tabs Idea A simple external tab program for organizing windows on Linux
ADE (Adam's desktop environment) Done Just a combination of the programs and settings I use on my machine
ec-ade (ade + eye candy) Idea An attempt to add some tasteful eye candy to my desktop with some custom programs
cgi-test In development A cgi program testing utility
fsp-h Done A simple, small taskbar for Linux and X11
nwsc Done A static webpage processing tool
markup-encode Done A standalone program to generate static pages based on my d-cgi markup encoder.
drip Done A simple implementation of DOS' dir /p command on Linux
mybiff Done A very simple new email notification program for Linux (comsatd replacement)
winsleep Done A simple program similar to the unix sleep(3) command for Windows
webt Done Generates PHP code from a simple web page template
life Done An implementation of the game of life in Win32
beeper Done A simple program to generate beeps
qts In development A program for quickly making Qt based GUI apps with QtScript
Cross referencer Done Generates static webpages from a pre-written wiki like thing
Email / Forum hybrid Idea A webforum / email list hybrid
IM client (D/IM) Idea A daemon based IM client package and supporting a custom protocol


My library projects
Name Status Description
exec Done D function for calling Linux programs with I/O redirection
ini Done An ini file loader module for D
graphicv Done A simple mode 13h graphics library for DOS
D cgi Released A CGI and web template module for the D programming language
D DB Released A database access module for the D programming language
game backend Released A wrapper around OpenGL and SDL for simple 2d game development in C++ and D
Lispy Released A simple, embeddable, Lisp like language interpreter module for D
qtcgi In development A set of CGI utility classes built with Qt
smtp/qt Idea A SMTP class for Qt
smtp/d Idea A SMTP module for D (probably will just exec sendmail)


My game projects
Name Status Description
M3 In development Console RPG creation tool
Mage adventure Idea A top down adventure game where you control a mage
numslide Done Number sliding game, like the minigame of FF1
Rotate 12 Released Asteroids-like game
PW-RTS Released (70% complete) Real Time Strategy in 2d space
Sidescroller In development Mario type game engine
Sidescroller 2 In development SotN type game engine
Rotate 13 In planning Rotate 12 with custom designed ships
ASE battle simulator Idea Space war combat simulator set in my sci-fi universe
Traffic quota In planning Arcade style game where you pull over speeders
FF Tactics like game Idea A game similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Shining Force
Sea RTS Idea Fork of the space RTS but in the sea
Space RTS 2 Idea Fork of the space RTS with vector movement
CB Littering Game Done DOS arcade like game
fpong Done DOS pong clone
Rotate 10 Done DOS two player space fight game
fpong 2 Idea Modernized fpong
Rotate 3D Idea Bringing the Rotate series into 3d space
btl Done 2 player RPG style turn battle in text mode
cardgame Released A CCG 2 player over the 'net game


My web projects
Name Status Description
cms 2 Done A photo gallery and page CMS in PHP
library Done A user-fiction library manager in PHP
cms 1 Done A basic cms-like program using phpBB's database
Cross referencer (web) In development A wiki like program for only one editor
asmws Done A simple CGI program written in Linux x86 assembly


My other projects
Name Status Description
textdraw Done Lets you draw text in various colors for DOS
16k Done An emulator and assembler for a fictional processor
stars Done A flying through space like starfield with user selectable direction and speed for DOS
OS 1 In planning A simple, tiny MS-DOS like OS for fun
D/OS In development An advanced operating system written in the D programming language
D/EX In development A web server written in D
color 4 Done A gradient generator for Windows
Extroversion In planning A powerpoint like presentation program for Linux
pim In planning A calendar and personal information manager for Linux


My patches
Blackbox - bug fix Done A tiny patch against blackbox to fix a bug with its window snapping
xterm Done A tiny hacky patch to alter the behaviour of bold fonts
gtk file dialog In development A patch against gtk to rip out and replace its most glaring flaw: the abysmally bad file dialog box

See also my resume for a list of contract work I have done for businesses.