Originally just a part of D/OS's shell, my little lisp-like language interpreter class, Lispy, has found its way into another project of mine: M3, and has been rewritten to be more generally useful. I now intend to use it in a myriad of programs, including various parts of D/OS as one of the two built in scripting languages.


Planned Features



See the generated ddoc (still work in progress): here.

The language itself doesn't have much. It does basic math, defun, and defmacro. The main point of this is to be extended with additional functions by your code, specific for your own needs.

I assume you have some basic experience with Lisp in the docs.


Mega work in progress: lispy.d

Simple standalone compile with dmd -version=standalone -J. lispy.d.

This program is licensed under the GNU GPL. I don't even guarantee it will compile right now.

Future ideas

I am thinking about writing a subclass to Lispy that implements an alternative reader - one that reads syntax more similar to C (or at least, regular mathematics), and converts it to the equivalent lisp forms for the evaluator. It should be somewhat straightforward for the simple scope I have in mind. The interesting thing would be writing macros; they would probably still just use the regular sexps.