I needed a simple file format when writing my RTS that could describe the units stats. I decided to go with something similar to a .ini file, which could be easily edited in Windows notepad.

At first, I wrote it as an ad-hoc loader as I needed it. But, I soon found the basic file format was useful in more places, and I grew tired of writing the same code over and over, so I refactored it into a single generic function.

This is that function.

Also included is a flexible toBool function, which will return true or false based on what the string says, accepting 5 variations.



See the generated ddoc: here.

Example code of usage coming when I get around to it.



To use, drop that file into your project folder, and import ini; in your other source. Call the function loadINI passing it the arguments as described in the ddoc.

This program is licensed under the GNU GPL.